£1.09 Per Ticket


DRAW DATE: 01/02/2023 9:00 PM

Product Details

  • Meet TimeBox Evo – This computer speaker is such a great & fun product! It’s very unique conversation starter, has various other features like an alarm clock, score keeper, stopwatch, planner/calendar, and the display is able to show some very nice pixel art, whether its your own creation or one of the many designs from the community shared on the app.
  • Smile Maker – So adsorbs and fun to play with. This RGB Bluetooth speaker helps to brighten your mood when you are stuck at home. You can use the Bluetooth capabilities to stream your Spotify music through and it actually sounds really good! Also great for a online yoga class on Zoom to better hear your yogi instructor.
  • Pixel Art Drawing – This is a retro alarm clock that can be customized to whatever pixel art you like on the screen. Play with this and get hours of fun creating different pixel images and then sharing them with your friends who also has one abroad. There are lots of set images or you can choose to create your own image either with or without text.
  • Easy-to-use APP – iOS/ Android phone and tablet compatible. Divoom app is easy to download with the QR code and it is easy to navigate when on it. You can change all the setting via the app and add your custom pixel art or download ones by other users.
  • Great Gift Idea – It is a led speaker to have on your desk, and the multitude of animations and other art available to put on its limitless. The sound quality is great, and so is the battery life. It even comes in a little gift bag, and that would make a great Christmas/birthday gift for someone who likes old computers or retro gaming.